I started my career working a 21 section cattle ranch in Broadus, Montana for 2 years before transitioning to the high tech field when I joined the US Navy during the Viet Nam war.  I have worked in the high tech field ever since.

I spent six years in the US Navy from 68 - 74.  I was responsibility for all communications, crypto, and electronics warfare repair on the USS Ranger CVA 61.  I attended over two years of advance electronics schooling while in the Navy, and I held a Top Secret Crypto security clearance.


After leaving the US Navy, I spent five years working at two different telephone interconnect companies. I was in-charge of field service, installations, and in-house repairs.  While working at the telephone companies, I spent 18 months at the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology working on my EE (Electronics Engineering) degree.


I next worked at Micro Component Technology. I spent 8 years in their Integrated Circuit tester division.  I left as the application engineering and interface manager of their IC tester division. MCT was a worldwide company with offices in six countries as well as 5 offices nation wide.  I was in-charge of all service, installation, and training for MCT's IC tester.  I developed one 4-½ day hardware maintenance and two 4-½ day programming (basic & advanced) courses.  I also instituted the RMA tracking system for warranty service.  I transferred to TACHnology Automation division in 1988 as application engineer and for two years was a project manager for their SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) line monitoring systems.  I next worked for Autocon for two years as a regional sales manager.  Autocon is a major manufacturer of SCADA equipment for the municipal water industries. 


I returned to TACHnology Automation in 1991 as the primary Technical Sales Engineer.  TACHnology Automation, was acquired by RAM Center, Inc. in 1992, and became RAMtrac.  My position of Technical Sales was to direct the sales and implementation of high-speed systems for packaging and processing.  RAMtrac specializes in real-time data acquisition systems for applications in the food and beverage industry, and energy management systems (partnered with GE).  They were emerging players in monitoring and control for the industrial, scientific, and nuclear industries. I was involved with developing and creating systems that help maintain high efficiencies level while monitoring and decreasing production losses.  My major areas of concentration included; developing and managing a manufactures representatives network, site evaluation and factory tours, leading to the successful installation and application of production line monitoring and control systems.  Additional I was responsible for training end users on system operations and application programming.  I was helpful in tying together computer implementation with Total Quality Management systems.


After leaving RAMtrac in 1993 I spent a year working for Radio Shack as the top sale associate in my district each week, and assistant store manager before joining LAM Research Corporation in 1994.  LAM Research is a manufacturer of high vacuum RF plasma etch equipment used in the manufacturing of Integrated Circuits.  My specific duties include the supervision of the installation, repair, upgrading & maintenance of several types of these etchers, nationally and internationally.  I also supervised the ordering, tracking, and returning of spare parts via the company Intranet system.  Keeping accurate logs of equipment status, history, and daily reports of work performed on equipment.  I was also responsible for generating action plans for repairing serious problems on these etchers and making sure that they were being followed.  I trained internal and external customers nationally and internationally in the use of these systems and the computers used to run them.  I wrote the NEXT operating system "Best Known Methods" manual for field service engineers and operators.


I joined Automatic Data Processing Hollander division in 1999. Hollander is a manufacture of Yard Management & Inventory tracking systems for the automobile recycling industry.  I was the Integration Supervisor, responsible for the certification and test of all computer systems used, such as Servers, Workstation, Desktops and Portable.  I developed the standardized testing methods and documentation of those tests.  Supervising the development of the ghost images of all software to be installed on systems, in order to speed up the staging of those systems.  Determined the hardware manufacture & software for each system used, as well as negotiating cost and warranty support for both.  I identified new hardware requirement and reviewed the latest systems available.  As an integral member of the corporate Hardware Steering Committee, I was tasked with determining hardware requirements for all of ADP Parts Service Group.  I managed all vender and integrator relations, such as placement and shipping of client systems. I managed inventory levels and the setting of safety stock levels.  I was responsible for assigning and maintaining the product code database and insuring it matching the order entry database.  I supplied Product Management with all product specification, pricing, and warranty information.  I coordinated the production of and release of all new hardware and software, as well as updates. I left ADP due to a merging of three divisions in 2001.


In 2002 I was working as a Test Event Manager for NCS Pearson.  They were the main contractor for the Transportation Security Administration in the hiring of the new federal airport screeners.  As the Test Event Manager I was responsible for the test site location ensuring safety, security, and confidentiality of testing facilities. Managing the temporary and contract personnel at various locations across the US. These personnel consisted of technical support staff, call center personal, and test proctoring personnel. I ensured the security of all confidential test results, developed and generated confidential daily reports and forecasts for the TSA.  I solved candidate test scheduling issues, and was responsible for the administration of all tests.  In addition I provided support and first line back up for Site Manager, Logistics Manager, and Security Manager.


From 2004 to 2011 I was the IT manager and generalist at Minnesota Wire and Cable Company a midsized manufacturing company, that needed to improve their IT infrastructure and IT department.

  I accomplished this at MN Wire by improving the robustness of their IT system while bringing them up to current standards.  I was a hands on manager supporting all areas of IT. I did this by leading the team that modernized and improved their infrastructure while continuing to maintaining their system in a stable environment.  In the seven years at MN Wire I only needed to go in two weekends and one week night to restart the network. 

  When I started at MN Wire their network consisted of:

  • Four servers
  • A 10T thick net backbone with hubs
  • 55 workstations and 5 laptops running windows 98, 2000, & XP
  • A partial T1 a shared between phone, internet, and a tie line to the plant in Eau Claire.
  • Two 20 year old Merlin Legend PBX systems

  When I left then network consisted of

  • 16 Servers, three in a Citrix farm, three are Microsoft SQL 2005; two are Filmaker Database servers, one is an Exchange 2003, one is an ACT CRM server, one is our Intranet server, one is running Global Shop ERP, one is running Macola ERP, the rest are file and application servers.
  • 56 laptops & 96 work stations & 29 thin clients in the process of upgrading from XP Pro to Win 7;
  • 32 printers; 17 scanners; one facial recognition system
  • Upgraded system back bone from 10 MB Thick Net with Hubs to a Fiber Optic & Cat 6 GB backbone with smart switches running on four VLANs with six wireless access points
  • Identified and installed a Disaster Recovery system.
  • Identified and installed a Storage Array Network for ease of managing file shares.
  • Changed from 1 partial T1 to three T1s for phone, Internet & tie line with our Eau Claire office. Then upgrading to a 6GB MPLS in St. Paul and a 3 GB MPLS circuit in Eau Claire for better efficiencies.
  • Upgraded all workstation from Windows 98, &2000 to XP Pro to Windows 7 with Office Pro 2010.
  • Changed Back-up from a15 day tapes system to 60 day NetApp FAS 2020 SAN disk based deduplicating back-up system.
  • Added multiple Wireless access points in both facilities.
  • Upgraded and increased the Citrix server farm for better efficiencies and load sharing.
  • Documented and developed Visio maps of the phone and computer networks.
  • Developed all computer and IT related policies.
  • Up graded the PBX systems from 20 year old Merlin Legend system to modern Toshiba Digital/VoIP Toshiba system in both facilities.
  • 29 blackberry/android cell phones & 12 Broadband Cards
  • I was also in charge of the procurement of all IT related items.