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Bruce G. Hanson

A World Class IT Service Leader

Data Center Manager

Pace Analytical Services Web site
Pace Analytical Services, LLC
Start Date  September 2, 2014

Pace Analytical offer comprehensive testing services for consulting, engineering, energy/utility companies, industry, municipalities and government agencies-as well as for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.


Our full service environmental testing laboratories offer inorganic, organic and radiochemistry capabilities-specializing in the analysis of trace level contaminants in air, water, wastewater, soil, biota and waste.


Our Life Sciences GMP laboratories provide analytical support for raw material, finished product, method development and validation for R&D, clinical and commercial activities.


Transitioning from a contract position to a full time position at the end of 2102.  My primary responsibility is to manage our local data center and support our multiple remote data centers.  I do this by managing the Servers, Storage, Disaster Recovery and related systems.  My secondary responsibility is for the support of our VMware, SANs, data center power & cooling, networks, switches and telecommunications Systems.

Computer Operations Manager

Minnesota Wire & Cable Company
Start Date  6/1/2004 - April 4, 2011

MN Wire is a vertically integrated custom manufacturer of wire and cables assemblies for the Instrumentation, Medical, Defense, and Telecommunications industries.  With complete design, engineering, and quick prototyping theyare ready to meet the need of thier customers with the quality they have come to expect.  MN Wire is a privately held company with over four (4) decades of experience.  They have facilities in St Paul, MN. and Eau Claire, WI.  MN Wire has started the Defense Alliance of Minnesota, to actively network the many defense related industries in the state to attract new contracts and jobs in the defense field. 


For the last seven years I enjoyed the opportunity I had as the IT Director and generalist for Minnesota Wire and Cable Company a midsized manufacturing company that needed to improve their IT infrastructure and IT department.

 I accomplished this as the IT Director by leading the team that modernized and improved their infrastructure while continuing to maintaining their system in a stable environment. I was responsible for all areas of IT from servers & network to applications to help desk. In addition I managed all IT vendors and all IT related procurements.

 I am looking for another opportunity to help another company bring their IT department up to the current standards while preparing it for continued growth and improvements in both efficiency and reliability.

Certified Patrol Officer

Hannon Security
Start Date  6/1/2003 - 6/1/2004


Hannon Security Services, Inc. has provided the Twin Cities Metro Area with patrol and security officer services for commercial and residential customers since 1901.



As a Certified Patrol Division supervisor working the night shift I performs a variety of functions including:


  • Supervised on site Officers
  • After hours building checks
  • Personal escorts
  • Vehicle open-ups
  • Locking and unlocking services for commercial properties
  • Alarm response.


Interim General Manager

Slope Meter Inc.
Start Date  9/1/2003 - 1/1/2004

Slope Meter Inc. is a manufacturer of mechanical and electronic slope, incline, and safe curve meters for surface grading and road construction equipment.

I was responsible for the day-to-day operations.   These duties included managing vendors, distributors, sales, order-entry, order fulfillment, shipping, inventory, assembly, and production.   I worked with our vendors to smooth out production and delivery issues.

I organized the filing system to identify and separate all distributors and vendors files from customer files.  As well as organizing customer records by state and / or country. I assisted in the reorganization of the inventory and storage area for easer use.  Designed and implemented a computer back-up systems for the business software records.

Test Event Manager - TSA/VUE

NCS Pearson
Start Date  7/1/2002 - 10/1/2002

Subcontractor of the Transportation Security Administration charged with running all test sites for new and existing airport screener candidates.


Managed the test site location ensuring safety, security, and confidentiality of testing facilities. Manage the temporary and contract personnel at various locations across the US. These personnel consist of technical support staff, call center personal, test proctoring personnel. Ensured the security of all confidential test results. Developed and generated confidential daily reports and forecasts for the TSA.  Solved candidate test schedule issues, and oversee the administration of all tests.  Provided support and first line back up for Site Manager, Logistics Manager, and Security Manager

Integration Supervisor - Hollander Division

Start Date  5/1/1999 - 6/1/2001

Manufacturer of Yard Management and Inventory tracking systems for automobile recycling industry.  Offered both text based, and GUI versions of these systems.  These systems used SuperDOS, Win 9X, Win NT, and Win 2000.


Supervised the development and documented a structured certification testing process for all computer and network systems.  Determined the hardware manufacture for each system.  Identified new hardware requirement and reviewed latest systems available, including all product specification, pricing, and warranty information.  As an integral member of the corporate Hardware Steering Committee, tasked with determining hardware requirements and certification for all of ADP, I was the focal point for this information. Coordinated four different vendors in production of and release of all new hardware and software. Managed the 3 annual software updates, from duplication through delivery.


Assistant to the Operation Manger, I was responsible for managing the integrators, vendors, & shippers to deliver 30 plus Yard Management network system per month.  Coordinated with the Field service group to insure that all components of the system arrived on site prior to installation.


  • Managed all vendor and Integrator relations, including system imaging, inventory levels, placement and timely shipment of orders, resulting in the reduction of order fulfillment time by 25%.
  • Reduced back orders items by 80% through statistical inventory management and setting safety stock levels.
  • Assigned and maintained our product code database and insured its synchronization with our order entry database, thereby reducing the incidents of rejected orders for incorrect part numbers by 60%.



Lead Field Service Engineer

LAM Research Corporation
Start Date  12/1/1994 - 1/1/1999

Manufacturer of automated systems used for high vacuum, RF plasma, etching of integrated circuits.


Supervised the Installation, maintenance, and repair of wafer-etch systems.  Maintained and upgraded both hardware and software for the associated computers and networks.  Supported customers locally, nationally, and internationally.  Used Access and Excel to document maintenance action plans; accurate equipment logs; parts requisitions, use, and returns records; labor use hours and daily customer work completed log.


  • Trained internal and external customers in the proper maintenance and use of these six IC etchers.
  • Trained Lam personnel in operation of Win 3x, Win 9x, and NEXT based computers and applications.
  • Created the Best Known Methods, manual for the Envision user software and NEXT operation system. Reducing calls from other field service engineers by 60%.

Sales Associate / Assistant Store Manager

Radio Shack
Start Date  7/1/1993 - 12/1/1994
Sales of all Radio Shack products. Managed store when the manager was off-duty. Other duties included inventory control, shipping and receiving, counting and depositing daily receipts.

• Top sales associate each week in my district.

Technical Sales Engineer

RAMTRAC (Formerly TACHnology Automation)
Start Date  11/1/1991 - 7/1/1993

Manufacturer of real time SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, for food, beverage, industrial, and nuclear industries.  Also teamed with General Electric, producing a software package for distribution energy management of three phase electrical power quality, utilization, monitoring and control. 


Performed extensive site surveys, estimated cost of material and labor, and prepared detailed proposals and specifications for systems.  Designed and implemented systems to increase line efficiencies, while monitoring and decreasing production losses, and providing real time maintenance data.


  • Combined TQM with SCADA systems, improving line efficiencies by 10 - 15%.
  • System design and project management form site survey to customer sign off.
  • Trained end users on correct system operations and application programming.
  • Wrote demo software and prepared demo equipment for sales and trade shows.
  • Developed and managed a network of 16 distributors and sales representatives nation wide.


Regional Sales Manager

Autocon Industries, Inc.
Start Date  7/1/1990 - 11/1/1991

Description of Work: Manufacturer and integrators of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems for municipal water systems in the $100,000 - $300,000 range.


Prepared detailed proposals, estimated costs, and bid prices for proposals. Provided short and long term marketing support on new product development. Maintained cutting edge knowledge to supply customers with the best technology available.


·        Wrote software and prepared equipment for sales demos and trade shows.

·        Managed and supported 36 manufacturer's representative firms nation wide, of various needs and capabilities.

·        Performed topographical RF path surveys.

·        Project Management from proposal to installation and customer sign off.

·        Instrumental in moving our systems from the small and medium size towns to large size cities


Manager System Application Engineering

Micro Component Technology
Start Date  7/1/1980 - 6/1/1990

Manufacturer of: VLSI, 64 pin, Integrated Circuit, Automated Test Equipment (ATE); IC handlers; and real time production monitoring and Statistical Process Control systems or SCADA sytems ( S upervisory Control And Data Acquisition).


Systems Application Engineering Manager

TACHnology Automation Division


Designed and implemented real time monitoring and control systems for Nuclear power plant refueling, bottling, and canning plants.  Project management Project management, marketing support, and technical sales.

·        Preformed site surveys, and generated the hardware and application specifications

·        Designed the system configuration, generated the application programming and associated documentation.

·        Integrated the completed systems and trained the user in the proper use, and maintenance of the systems.

·        Managed the Field Service / Customer Service personal.


Applications Interface Engineering Manager

Tester Division


Manage applications engineering group.  Marketed, designed, laid out via CADD (CV4X), built and evaluated all load boards for MCT-2000 VLSI  IC ATE, to handlers, wafer probers and manual test sites.

·        Generated over $660,000 profit for two years, developing load boards as a collateral duty.

·        Supervised 14 application engineers and 30 field service engineers nationally and internationally.

·        Supervised the developed product test programs for our application library and for specific client needs.

·        Technical sales and marketing support.

·        Trained customers, application engineers, and field service personnel in the proper installation, maintenance, and applications programming at various locations both nationally and internationally


Applications Engineer Supervisor

Tester Division


Developed product test programs for MCT-2000, VLSI Automated Test Equipment, IC test system.  Also performed installation and repairs of the MCT-2000.

·        Developed and produced structured product training classes for hardware, basic Pascal, and advanced Pascal programming.

·        Trained customers, field service personnel, the training staff, and the direct sales staff, at the home office, regional offices, customer sites, national and international.

·        Assigned to several key accounts due to my strong ability to communicate at a technical and non-technical.


Product Specialist

Tester Division


Repaired, maintained, and trained customers on the IT-200, LSI Automated Test Equipment, IC test system.  Created programs for customer's applications library; trained customer on hardware and software; technical sales, and customer service.

·        Initiated and designed RMA & problem tracking system for QC analysis resulting in a 50% reduction in warranty issues.

·        A key team member tasked with the design of interface and diagnostic load boards for the MCT-2000 VLSI IC ATE.

·        Developed and documented the installations, maintenance, and programming procedures for the MCT-2000 VLSI IC ATE.

·        Installed and maintained the company's network system.

Senior Field Service Engineer

Start Date  1/1/1978 - 5/1/1980

DATA - TEL was a supplier of telephone systems to commercial businesses.


Specific duties were supervising the repair, maintenance, custom engineering and installation of Private Branch eXchange (PBX) telephone systems, paging systems, key telephone systems, and training of field service and in-house personnel.



Senior Field Service Engineer

Start Date  7/1/1976 - 1/1/1978

Vicom is a supplier of telephone systems to commercial businesses.


Specific duties were supervising the repair, maintenance, custom engineering and installation of Private Branch eXchange (PBX) telephone systems, paging systems, key telephone systems, and training of field service and in-house personnel.


  • Set up and trained Installation Group
  • Set up and trained Service Group.
  • Set up and trained in house Engineering and Repair Group
  • Developed in house methods of modifying system to meet customer needs.
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