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Bruce G. Hanson

A World Class IT Service Leader

Paying It Forward

Currently I facilitate at one of the "Jobs in Transitions" or "Networking" support group and assist at two others. I help others through this time in their life, by providing assistance and guidance in their job search. I lead small group discussions and work-shops to assist people in transition.  I am also a web site moderator for two different web sites, related to these groups.  In addition I have given several talks on different areas of the job search process. 

In an effort to help other job seekers and those helping them, I created and have consistently maintained for over twelve years, the most comprehensive and accurate listing of job support networking group in the seven county metro area showing dates, times, locations, format & contact info.  This shows my ability to consistently work on long term projects and the accuracy of the data I provide.  This list is available from my LinkedIn profile and is used by MN Workforce Centers, all other networking groups, outplacement firms, university placement centers, & recruiting firms as the premier networking group list.  As a testament to my work all of these groups have stopped trying to create their own list and have been using my list for years.  This list has helped thousands of job seekers. 

The topics covered in these groups cover all facets of the job search.  Some of the topics are as follows:

  • Resume writing & review.
  • Cover letter writing.
  • Business cards.
  • How to define your accomplishments.
  • How to organize your job search
  • Interviewing skills such as telephone, face-to-face, informational, & the different styles.
  • Networking skills.
  • How to use the Internet in your job search.
  • How to develop your 30-second commercial.
  • Questions you might be asked and one's to ask.
  • As well as support and encouragement.



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