Problem / Action / Results


MN Wire

For the last seven years I was the IT manager and generalist at Minnesota Wire and Cable Company a midsized manufacturing company, that needed to improve their IT infrastructure and IT department.  Prior to that I was the integration and certification manager for ADP, certifying all new hardware and software used by their auto parts division and shipping out over 30 network systems each month.

 When I started at MN Wire their network consisted of:

  • Four servers
  • A 10T thick net backbone with hubs
  • 55 workstations and 5 laptops running windows 98, 2000, & XP
  • A partial T1 a shared between phone, internet, and a tie line to the plant in Eau Claire.
  • Two 20 year old Merlin Legend PBX systems

 The network now consists of

  • 16 Servers, three are a Citrix farm, three are Microsoft SQL 2005; two are Filmaker Database servers, one is an Exchange 2003, one is an ACT CRM server, one is our Intranet server, one is running Global Shop ERP, one is running Macola ERP, the rest are file and application servers.
  • 56 laptops, 12 tablets, 96 work stations & 29 thin clients in the process of upgrading from XP Pro to Win 7;
  • 32 printers; 17 scanners; one facial recognition system
  • Upgraded system back bone from 10 MB Thick Net with Hubs to a Fiber & Cat 6 GB backbone with smart switches running on four VLANs with six wireless access points
  • Identified and installed a Disaster Recovery system.
  • Identified and installed a Storage Array Network for ease of managing file shares.
  • Changed from 1 partial T1 to three T1s for phone, Internet & tie line with our Eau Claire office. Then upgrading to a 6GB MPLS in St. Paul and a 3 GB MPLS circuit in Eau Claire for better efficiencies.
  • Upgraded all workstation from Windows 98, &2000 to XP Pro to Windows 7 with Office Pro 2010.
  • Changed Back-up from a15 day tapes system to 60 day NetApp FAS 2020 SAN disk based deduplicating back-up system.
  • Added Wireless access in both facilities.
  • Upgraded and increased the Citrix server farm for better efficiencies and load sharing.
  • Documented and developed Visio maps of the phone and computer networks.
  • Developed all computer and IT related policies.
  • Up graded the PBX systems from 20 year old Merlin Legend system to modern Toshiba Digital/VoIP Toshiba system in both facilities.
  • 29 blackberry/android cell phones & 12 Broadband Cards
  • I was also in charge of the procurement of all IT related Items

I accomplished this at MN Wire by improving the robustness of their IT system while bringing them up to current standards.  I was a hands on manager supporting all of these systems and managing and performing the following functions:

  • IT Managers
  • IT Vendor Management
  • IT Related Procurement
  • Systems Administrator.
  • Systems Engineers
  • Server Administrators
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Group Policies
  • Active Directory
  • DHCP
  • Citrix
  • Backups and DR
  • Application Maintenance
  • Network Management
  • Telecommunication and Messaging System Support
  • Network Security and Firewall Management
  • Web Support
  • SQL Database Administrators
  • Database Support
  • Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • System Certification & Integration
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Help Desk
  • Desktop Technical Support
  • IT Process/Standards
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Clerical and Other IT Administrative Positions 

I did this by leading the team that modernized and improved their infrastructure while continuing to maintaining their system in a stable environment.  In the seven years at MN Wire I only needed to go in two weekends and one week night to restart the network. 

  Automatic Data Processing Hollander

  1. Lead time for orders was 4 weeks from placement of orders to shipment of system to client.
  2. Worked with vendor to insure shipment arrived on time.  Worked with Integrator to start prestaging system and refined the Ghost Image process to reduce staging time by 1 week.
  3. Resulted in the reduction of order fulfillment time by 25%.


  1. The product codes, they were so out of sync with our order enter database that no one use the published list.  This was the cause of continual miss orders for wrong and discontinued items.
  2. Assigned and maintained our product code database and insuring its synchronization with our order entry database, so that the published list was no longer questioned and all interested personnel were notified of new and modified items each week.
  3. This led to the correction of order entered. Thereby reducing the incidents of rejected orders for incorrect part numbers by over 60%.


  1. No one focal point for new hardware and software decisions.  Decisions were made by Product Management, Customer Service, Field Service, and Operations.
  2. Because of my membership in the Corp. hardware steering committee and my knowledge of cutting edge system, I worked with all division to become the focal point for all hardware and software decisions.  I also had the resources to test and evaluate them.  With my detailed testing methods and documentation all other division would funnel their request and ides though my group.
  3. Determined the hardware & software manufacture for each system used.  Identified new hardware requirement and reviewed latest systems available, including all product specification, pricing, and warranty information, thus, becoming the focal point for this information for all other divisions at Hollander.


  1. Testing of new software and hardware was done without consistent documentation of the processes used. Causing Customer Service and Product Marketing to want to review each certified system, and test the first several systems from our integrator adding several weeks to the certification cycle.
  2. Supervised the development and documented a structured certification testing process for all computer and network systems used.
  3. Customer service personnel no longer needed to review all certification, or test a first article from our integrator.  When a system was certifies it was now accepted company-wide without questions, and reduced the certification cycle by 3 to 4 weeks.


LAM Research Corporation

  1. Most of the field service personnel were not computer knowledgeable, with regards to the Envision software and NEXT operating systems.  Resulting in an excessive amount of calls from other FSEs about how to repair the software.
  2. Created the Best Known Methods, manual for the Envision user software and NEXT operation system. With emphasis on trouble shooting, repair, and configuring.
  3. Reducing calls from other field service engineers by 60%.



Combined TQM with SCADA systems, improving line efficiencies by 10 - 15%.


  1. No formal system for site survey and system configuration check of list.
  2. Developed site survey and system configuration design and check off sheets.
  3. System design became more uniform, accurate, and formal with reduced time needed for site surveys by 33%.


  1. No formal training program for end users & Customer Service personnel on correct system operations and application programming.
  2. Developed a structured training class for Field Service Engineers, Applications Engineers, and end users.
  3. Resulted in consistent training to all personnel and reduced the calls to service personal.


  1. RamTRAC had been focusing on energy management software and had let their production SCADA network dissolve.
  2. Developed and managed a network of 16 distributors and sales representatives nationwide
  3. Increased sales opportunities. When I left they had 5.5 M in sales pending.


  1. System had been sold to production, operations and management.
  2. Showed how we could expand our market by giving real time (actual run time), more accurate fault detection, and downtime information to maintenance.
  3. Opened another marketing angle of reducing maintenance costs and better planning of PMS on existing equipment.


Autocon Industries, Inc.

  1. Instrumental in moving our systems from the small and medium size towns to large size cities


Micro Component Technology

  1. Need a method of connecting the MCT200 testers to wafer probers without changing the load board for each different wafer tested.
  2. Lead a team to develop a new concept in using a single load board and different daughter or probe card configurations for the different wafers.
  3. System worked so well we were able to test rise and fall times as fast as 50 n/sec. A patent was applied for the system.


  1. Needed to design and build Interfaces for the MCT 2000 VLSI IC tester, without the assistance of other divisions .
  2. Learned to do my own CADD work as drafting could spare the manpower on most projects.  Researched new technologies and approaches.
  3. Took Load boards from concept to production in 16 weeks and generated over $660,000 profit per year for two years, as a collateral duty. With one being submitted for a patent.


  1. No structured training methods for hardware or software support.
  2. Developed and produced structured product training classes for hardware, basic Pascal, and advanced Pascal programming.
  3. Trained customers, field service personnel, the training staff, and direct sales staff, at the home office, regional offices, and customer sites national and international. Resulting in consistent training to all personnel and reducing the calls to service personnel.


  1. No method of tracking warranty clams or if a product was still in warranty.
  2. Initiated and designed RMA & serial number, problem tracking system for QC analysis.
  3. Resulting in a 50% reduction in warranty issues.



  1. No structured training methods for customer or service personnel.
  2. Developed and produced structured product training classes for operation and maintenance.
  3. Trained customers, field service personnel. Resulting in consistent training to all personal and reducing the calls to service personnel.



  1. No structured training methods for customer or service personnel.
  2. Developed and produced structured product training classes for operation and maintenance.
  3. Trained customers, field service personnel. Resulting in consistent training to all personnel and reducing the calls to service personnel.
  4. Customers wanted their phone system customized to meet particular need.
  5. Developed method of modifying equipment to meet client needs, that the manufacturers said could not be done.
  6. Allowed us to take customer from our competitions and retain them.